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By now, we’ve all accepted that athleisure–the concept of wearing running tights and yoga pants outside the gym–is here to stay. Over the last five years, hundreds of new activewear companies have hit the market, and workwear brands like Ministry of Supply and ADAY have started incorporating performance fabrics into regular clothes. 

But what comes next, you ask? Well, let me tell you—it’s super luxurious leggings. Take, for instance, these two startups that just came across my radar.

Free X Rein, which just launched, has created high-end leggings inspired by horse riding. Founded by two sports enthusiasts, the brand sells stretchy pants that come with a patch of suede around the thigh, much like you would find in riding pants. It’s a fashion statement designed to add some variety to the rotation of leggings you wear every single day, and will run you between $235 and $260.

If you want to go up a level in terms of fanciness, you might be interested in Offtrack, a startup that also just went live, founded by two Parisian women. They say they noticed how attached American women were to their yoga pants, but they wanted to give this daily uniform a luxury upgrade. Their solution: $550 leather leggings made from machine-washable stretch lamb leather from a French tannery.

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