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the label & the product


Q. what is OFFTRACK ? 

OFFTRACK is an online fashion brand of high-end machine washable stretch leather leggings that are thought-out and designed for women who love noble materials, enjoy being active and don’t want to worry about the rest.

Q. what makes OFFTRACK unique ? 

We are at the crossing of active and luxury wear. Why should you choose between style, comfort and price ? We want you to have the best of all worlds. Our leather leggings are done right, machine washable and designed for practical living so as to offer you an upscale, quality option for the active lifestyle you pursue.

Q. where can I find your products ? 
We only sell directly to you therefore our products are exclusively available for sale via our website. By doing so we are able to gain direct feedback from our customers, insure the quality of our distribution and keep prices low by bypassing middlemen.

Q. what makes your leather machine-washable and not another ?  

It is the combination of our high quality stretch leather and the resilience of the leather dyes used to color the natural leather skins which are developed and tested to be sufficiently firm and immovable. In comparison, most of the dyes used in the industry are just coated onto the leather making them fragile and volatile explaining why these leather garments can only be washed by cleaning specialists. Here is more info on our leather.

Q. how can the price be so affordable for luxury leather ? 

Simply by using a smarter supply chain. Since we are selling directly to you we are removing all middlemen costs such as department stores and boutiques. We however do not settle for inferior quality. On the contrary, our stretch leather is the most noble high end leather you will find, the same quality many Couture houses (like Chanel, Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton) use. If you are paying less than anywhere else that is because our prices do not include retail markups, designer inflation, million dollar runway shows, super model campaign etc.

Q. do you only sell leather leggings ? 

Today we focus on leather leggings. Tomorrow we aim to expand one essential OFFTRACK piece at a time. Our aim is to grow organically and sustainably by doings things the right way, learning and growing with cost efficiency and ethical consciousness in mind.
In the future, at OFFTRACK, you will only find forever wearable leather basics that combine ultimate comfort and sensorial leather so you can enjoy the pleasures of living effortlessly according to your own body, your own rule, and to the paths you draw.

manufacturing and ethics


Q. where are your products made ? 

All of our products are manufactured in the heart of the Garment District in New York City. Craftsmanship and savoir-faire are legacies we need to perpetuate. And we are on track for that! Learn more here

Q. how do you ensure quality ? 

We closely monitor all of our leather to ensure it is within our high standards of quality and is consistent considering the natural imperfections inherent to its nature.

Q. how do you choose your partners ? 

We offer off beat prices but we do not settle for off beat labor practices. All of our partners guarantee secure and ethical working conditions as well as fair salaries and benefits for their workers and their families. It is important that they share the same values as us.


fit & leather


Q. how does the product fit ? 

Our OFFTRACK leather legging was conceived to fit and flatter every body type. You no longer have to be a super model to look great in leather leggings ! Its oversize elastic band stretches out so the leather legging can easily be pulled on over your hips like any active wear legging would. Once the legging on, the waist band sits high above your hips right at your belly button line. We also offer the choice of two leg length sizes so you no longer have to settle for a leg length that is not your own. Learn more here about our OT legging properties.

Q. what if I am not sure of my size ?  

If our sizing guide did not help you and you are still not sure of your size, you can order both sizes and easily try them on in the comfort of your home. Simply send us an email once you are done fitting and we will send you your prepaid return label to send back the unwanted size and we will then issue you your refund.

Q. what if you don't carry my size ?  

Let us know! We are a young brand and currently have low inventory however we do aim at carrying sizes for every body. As we grow, we will develop additional length options, widen our size scope… In the meantime drop us an email to let us know what is your ideal length or size. We will do our very best to accommodate you in the nearest future.

Q. where does your leather come from ? 

Our leather comes from the South of France which concentrates the best leather tanneries in the world.
The tannery has been supplying the most prestigious Couture houses. They pride themselves in using the most up to date and secure processing system always putting the security and health of their workers above all. Here is more info on the origin of our leather.  

Q. what are nappa and suede leathers ? 

Everything you want to know about our leather is here in our leather guide


wash & care


Q. how do I care for my new legging ? 

Caring for your OT leather legging has never been so easy. Everything you need to know is in our wash guide

Q. is machine wash my only option ?  

If you do not have a washing machine or simply don’t have the time to wash it on your own, you also have the option to bring it to a leather specialist for dry cleaning. He will do the work for you. 

We do not recommend however to leave it at your regular drop-off cleaner service as they won't follow our washing guidelines which might result in damaging your legging.