what's my size ?

not sure ?

In doubt better check your measurements against our chart.
Today sizes vary a lot from brand to brand and vanity sizing does exist! We are true to size. It is safer to refer to your body measurements, they never lie.

your body measurements don’t exactly match our chart ?

Follow the butt size!
Some of us are hour glass shaped, some of us have this little muffin top but leaner legs… choose your size according to your butt measurements.

still hesitating between two sizes ?

If you are between two sizes we usually recommend you size up. If the leather is too tight you will not have room for extra movement. Keep in mind that if the legging is too tight, there will be more chances for it to give away and not come back to its original snug shape. Don't hesitate to contact us , we will be happy to guide you.

want to try them in the comfort of your home ?

Just order the colors or sizes you want to try on. You must complete the online payment order for all the desired pieces. At home, pick the one(s) you love best and simply return to us the one(s) that don't work for you. Contact us to receive a prepaid shipping label and send back the unwanted items free of charge within 30 days. We will then proceed with the refund for the undesired pieces. Learn more here about our shipping and returns policy.